The main provider of boat tours from Lombok Island to Labuan Bajo

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lEONG is the name of the owner of this company, he is a senior guide who has helped many tourists sailing from Lombok to Komodo for years

Mr. Leong
Mr. Leong uses sandals

He is known as Mr. Leong, he used to work as a guide in a company that provided crossing boats to Labuan Bajo, his job was to accompany tourists on boats to their final destinations. 

some years ago, Mr. Leong decided to set up his own company, where he bought several fleets of ships and recruited many workers (guides, crew members and responders). Until now Pak Leong’s company has dispatched thousands of people to Labuan Bajo, where all the guests come from agents with offline marketing.

in 2023, after the official business license has been issued, Mr. Leong wants to expand his marketing reach online by building this website

Leong The Explore

Leong The Explore is a private company (not a state-owned enterprise) that is licensed under the name CV. Dirgantara Putra Utara and only focuses on providing boat tours to Labuan Bajo from Lombok Island.

CV. Dirgantara Putra Utara (Leong The Explore)
CV. Dirgantara Putra Utara (Leong The Explore)

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